Archive strangeness

Wondering if anyone has run into anything like this.

I did a full project archive of something I’m wanting to remove from my system. I restored the main timeline from the archive into a new project to check its’ integrity, and it came back fine, with the exception of the black levels coming out of the Ultrastudio. The black coming out of the Ultrastudio was dark grey, like it looks before the unit is initialized. Black levels were correct in the Flame GUI.

I then went into the original project, called up my original timeline, black levels were fine, but I no longer got audio output from the sequence. I restarted the machine, and still no audio from my original project. I deleted the new project with the restored archive in it, and then the audio came back in my original project. It’s obviously something to with the Ultrastudio and Flame, as I had system audio through the Ultrastudio the moment I exited Flame. I’m on a Mac, Flame 2022.1 with proper BMD driver installed. Just wanted to know if I’m the only one to have experienced this fun.

Wish I could have a better answer, but it sounds like you are f*****d.

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Pretty much my assessment as well.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give that a try.

In the mean time, I restored the entire project archive on my home system, and everything came in fine. Now that I know the archive is good, I’ll delete the project from my main system, and restore the project archive there and see if I get the same nonsense out of the Ultrastudio.