Archive updating issue

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I have a dropbox with a flame archive that has been updated by someone else. when I open the archive in flame I cant see the update to the archive (I can see the extra seg files that have been added in my file browser though). Is flame getting confused, do i need to flush a log or something?



Morning @Epoulson

Archives can be fiddly things.

If you can get the provider of the archive update to compare the files at their end.

Number and size of segments is important but also the date of the accompanying log files that are created.

You can physically have the updated segment file but without the updated log file flame will be blind to it.

There is one more file that gets updated when you append an archive. It is a text file. Make sure this is also the latest.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the advice, we are both archiving directly to the same folder which is constantly sync’d so you would think all the necessary files would be there eventually! I will check with my colleague when he’s available.

Your keying demo the other day was great btw!

Thanks @Epoulson

Funnily enough we use a Resilio sync and every now and again it fails to recognise an update to the archive file.

Keep the segments. They are usually the largest files anyway. Replace the archive file.

cool, will try that.

Do a backup/copy of that file before you replace it though.

Let us know how it goes!

So it looks like there was an issue with my NAS not updating hidden files (a setting on the NAS). Im sure @PeteRypstra can clarify.

@PlaceYourBetts @ace_elliott

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I’m not 100% sure but my spidey sense tells me it has to do with the temporary hidden files (archive-lock file) being transferred (syncing) and not deleted after the archive is closed. I think it means you could land up with corrupt or having conflicting segs and logs if the archive is opened more than once.
A measure you could take is to check if the archive lock file is synced and ensuring its removed afterwords on both in all locations (if that makes sense)