Higher archive segments older than others


while cleaning up some archives, I got a strange issue with one project I just cannot get together, how and why it happened: So I’m hoping somebody had a similar case already.

The last two segments have the timestamp of the first archive session. The three ahead have the second session’s time. The size of the read archive is in flame without the last 2 segments and every clip inside is there how it should be after restoring it. Therefore from either where do segment 16 & 17 come from or how is it possible that 13 -15 did get overwritten?!



Rocky Linux FL2023.0.2


Did you append to that archive today? or are the two folders the project setups and then the project archive? I noticed when I add/append something to already existing archive my last SEG got updated to todays date, but not a few BEFORE the last one.(and also adds another Archvie session folder)…I wonder if that’s the case…But also not sure, kinda strange! Are you able to open and close the archive without any issues?