Why can't Flame 2023 read ARRIRAW? Do I really have to use Davinci

Hey guys and gals,

I’m on 2023.01 on a Mac and I’m conforming footage which is 95% ARRIRAW mxf’s and I can’t read them, but Davinci can, wth!!!

I guess I have to use Davinci to transcode unless there is some codec or way I haven’t looked at, to import them into Flame.

So frustrating, rant over.

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Is it from the brand new Arri? I’ve read tons of of .ari/.mxf over the years.

Same here. Though that is in a Linux box.

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Content from ARRI cameras (ARRIRAW MXF, .ari files) and ProRes are fully supported in our products. Please open a support ticket if this is not the case.

make sure they aren’t being trimmed in resolve first. I believe the mxfs lose their metadata so you end up with a black clip. either conform from source or get them transcoded

Thank you, I think that was exactly what the problem is. Most of the material I normally get sent is consolidated out of Resolve. Very seldom do I actually get the source.

2023.2 Update can read ARRIRAW 7 footage