Flame not reading arri prores .mxf

I’m on Flame 2023.2.0.206

Error: No handler

I am not able to read files which are readable in Resolve- they are ARRI mini LF files recorded as prores in mxf container. I have other files from the same shoot which are recorded as ARRIRAW mxf and I can read those. I don’t know why the record format would have changed in production, but for instance there is a card where take S009C017 is recorded raw but then S009C018 is prores. I thought i was having a filesystem error until i checked in resolve and saw that it could read the clip, and the clip attributes show the codec as prores.

Is this a known bug?

Hello Ryan!

This is something I talked about last December in the Flame 2023.2 / 2023.3 Logik Event. Flame Family 2023.3 Update is what you need for ProRes MXF from ARRI Alexa cameras. As far as why the production team decided to record ProRes after recording RAW is a mystery that only them will be able to answer!

Thank you for your reply. I did get a timely response from autodesk support and was advised to install 2023.3 which did solve the issue for me!

And as far as on the production side- I suspect I’ll ever know why the decision was made part-way through a shoot, but as long as I’m able to work with the footage I’m satisfied!

I do longform conform editorial and mine and many of my co-workers preference is usually to keep the editorial work in flame because there are so many features we like to take advantage of, but our workflows come under scrutiny often by those who believe the editorial should happen directly in resolve or baselight. I have a tough time defending the flame workflow when there are media formats that flame won’t read but those other applications will. So, in this case I am very relieved that there was already a fix!!

Very good!