Arri 35 Weird stretch on 4096x2304 16:9

Hi everybody,
I have a really weird problem coming up. We have Arri 35 material which is shot in 4096 x 2304.
In the mediahub and after importing it stretches the material completely wrong. Somehow the software thinks its anamorphic.

On importing i change the ratio to 0.8888889 to destretch the material back to normal proportions. This works only the big issue is that after rebooting or switching projects all the values reset and it goes back to the same stretched image.

I can’t share rushes or stills sadly enough. Has anyone ever encountered such a problem or does someone know a fix?

Resolve and baselight also interpret the rushes this way…

We are running on Flame 2023.3

Have you tried the “use ratio” button on the player? Also you need to activate this on the preferences i think

yes that was the first thing i tried out. We actually think now they flipped the camera on its side and maybe shot anamorphic with a regular shooting mode or something weird like that.

Hello JustJeronimo!

What do you see if you were to open the file in ARRI reference tool (available from ARRI web site)?