Arri Raw File Woes

Hello. I’ve got a bunch of anamorphic Arri raw mxfs . Mac flame 2023 won’t recognize them at all and throws this error:
Could not decode video [frame 0]: Error decoding frame: ScalingGeometry expects image dimensions 2880 x 1620, actual image dimensions are 2880 x 2880
Linux can view the files (2022.1) but only the top half of the frame. Clip info says 2880x1620, but the metadata says 2880x2880. No resizes or anything turned on. So I’m kinda in a pickle. Anyone come across this one. Thanks

I worked with some ARRIRAW 2880x2880 recently but was working on ACES exr files from VFX pulls done in Resolve. I didn’t try to open the ARRIRAW directly in flame. It also had some kind of compression on the ARRIRAW as well from memory.

If I get the time I can try and open it for you in Flame on a Mac. However, it won’t be anytime this week unfortunately.

It might be an issue of having the debayer resolution set to Native, rather than Native (Full) and you may need to manually enter the anamorphic stretch info.

What camera was used? The new Arri 35?

Thanks guys. Arri mini. From what I can gather it’s some kind of compression. I’ve run it through resolve. just a hasstle.

Hi Miles,

Did you ever find a solution for this metadata issue? I assume it is metadata related.
We are using Flame 2023 (the latest build) ad have a 10-part TV series seeing about 40% of the show using Alexa Mini LF 2880x2880 anamorphic.
We see the same issue.
We do not see this in DaVinci Resolve, CF OSD, or Baselight.
I am hoping to avoid the mezzanine pathway.

All the best

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This problem has been fixed in Flame Family 2023.1 Update.