Arri Prores data/video levels

I have two conflicting pieces of information on the full vs video range in prores444 LogC from the alexa

flame Knowledge base says I should turn on YUV headroom so interpret the prores as full range,

Resolve on the other hand defaults to video range since about version 11 or so I think.

I red some stuff and prores seems to “always” be video range ycbcr, never seen anyone turn on full range in resolve,

So which is it?

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I’m also a bit confused about autodesks knowledge base about that.
Actually baselight also use video levels for arri prores.
Since where are using a BLG workflow, where sources are used parallel in grading and online I need to disable YUV Headroom to match Baselight’s interpretation.

Unfortunately I can’t find usable information from ARRI’s website as well.

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yea all the links I find on other forums are dead, as their official dailies workflow for resolve does not mention levels I assume Video Levels to be correct.

Thanks for letting me know what Baselight is doing :slight_smile:

Would comparing versions of the Arri test footage be useful in sorting this? They don’t seem to have shot the SAME shot with ArriRaw and Prores, but they do have media from the same shoots.

can you link me to the same shots for arriraw and prores? to me it always looks like different shots but there are quiet a few of them :smiley: Ideally we would. have a totally black and totally white frame from the alexa then we would pretty much know.