Automatic resizing switch off?

I’ve spent a while making a rig to animate some masks - I then applied it to a new clip with a different resolution and all the masks change their aspect ratio. Is there a way to turn this auto resize off?

Not sure if it helps but try as a workaround this:
Create a new action connected to the new plate with new resolution and copy the rig from the old rig to the new action (select all nodes from old rig → comand C and paste in new Action).

It’s a good workaround. I’m actually using gmask tracer. I used action for the video to see if it would be better. But it has the same fault. Fortunately Al the masks are instances so I only have one shape to tweak. But I wish I could just get it to work with real vectors which have their values true pixel value from Centre and not a proportion.

When faced with this, I usually add an Axis as parent to all the masks from the previous plate and tweak the scale that way. There’s a common factor that’s changed and the idea is to reverse that out.

Thanks @Josh_Laurence.

I’d still like to switch it off. My masks were based on all vertices being 100 pixels from the centre. If I were to take a colour source of 200x200px and place it over different canvas sizes, it would not automatically reshape itself.

Whilst I can see some benefit, for motion graphics it’s a massive pain in the hole.

Just asking but should the “Apply and scale” pref in Action do this?

I did try but it didn’t seem to.