Teradici Software Client on MacOS - setting up pen pressure sensitivity

When you first install the Teradici Software Client on MacOS, Catalina and Big Sur, be sure to enter the local admin password to allow the your USB devices to be used in USB Bridge Mode, which makes time travel, I mean, Wacom Pen Pressure sensitivity possible. Additionally, in Catalina and Big Sur, you will need to authenticate the USB Kernel driver, directions are here. Whilst I did receive the error in Catalina, I did not receive the error in Big Sur.

Additionally, PCoIP Software Client for Mac version 21.03.0 is annoying in that it remaps the Apple and Command hotkeys to the Control Key. Gee. Thanks. This breaks a lot of hotkeys in Flame. To solve this (is that the correct usage, Professor @andy_dill?), enter the following commands in a terminal:

defaults write “com.teradici.Teradici PCoIP Client” remap_cmd_to_ctrl 0;

Verity if with:

defaults read “com.teradici.Teradici PCoIP Client”

If it answers this, you’re golden.

“remap_cmd_to_ctrl” = 0;

Reboot the machine.


I did NOT see this issue when running the beta version of the pcoip-client_21.07.0-dev3

Then, when connecting to the host machine, in the PCoIP Client application, under Connection / USB Devices / Show Human Interface Devices / Wacom Intuos Pro, choose connect for only your tablet. This takes the tablet away from your local machine and only allows the host machine to use it, which, allows pen pressure sensitivity. Be careful. This means you’ll need a mouse connected.

Godspeed Flame From Homers.