Black borders are added to the portrait shots after 'Splice selected'

Thank’s Ryland for that important information :slight_smile:

Sorry that I need to ask such simple things… but was unable to determine the aspect-ratio of the landscape shots:( I am I looking at the wrong place?

Hmm can’t find this 16x9…

You’re looking in the Effects Tab. You need to be looking in the Timeline tab. At the bottom of the interface, select Timeline. Then in your Desktop or Libraries, double-click the clip you want to determine the resolution of. This clip or timeline should appear in the viewer. In the bottom right corner of the viewer the resolution, aspect ratio, and colorspace of the clip will be displayed. Also as KuleshoEffect mentioned, you can also hold-alt-click on any thumbnail on your Desktop or in your Libraries to see this information.

Tank’s for the continued help! Sorry that I was probably too focused at the 16x9 digits…

my Landscape clips are 3072 x 2048 (1.5)
my Portrait clips are 3072 x 2048 (0.6667)

Which one of them is 16x9 ( I am not kidding… but do not understand it :frowning:

16/9 = 1.7777 so neither of them. Is your base sequence maybe 16x9?

What’s the reason that only the landscape shots do need a crop/resize? Because the portrait shots are scaled to the size of landscape shots?

Thank’s for the clarification!