BlackMagic 4k Decklink / Burn In on monitors

So I have a Flame running with 2 4k Asus Monitors that I am very happy with… but am experiencing a burn in problem from the Batch schematic ONLY if they are connected via the BlackMagic’s HMDI output (Broadcast Monitor).

My DisplayPort Flame output does not burn anything onto my screens, and I can stay in batch static for a long time with no burnins. But as for the one that get’s connected to the Bmagic Decklink card (hdmi) it takes less than 5 min to burn in.

I have troubleshooted and switched monitors to see if maybe that one was defective, but no… I am getting identical results when I flop my monitors.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to why this happens? or how to further trouble shoot this?

thanks in advance,
your friendly neighborhood Flamer… Dan

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Does the burn in persist after you pull the HDMI cable out of the back of the monitor? If the answer is no, try another HDMI cable. If the answer is yes, try another cable any way, but I would be less inclined to believe it would fix the issue. I was just chatting with an engineer friend yesterday and we agreed that sometimes HDMI issues can be fixed by trying another cable, preferably another brand, even if there isn’t anything outwardly defective in the original cable. It’s the first thing I try when I have HDMI issues.


Great suggestion.
Yes, different cable, same problem.
I have tried different cables with the same result.

But the output of the schematic from the BM Decklink cards has something unclean about it. I only see this when looking at a schematic. On picture everything is crystal clear… but those node widgets in the Batch schematic themselves seem slightly buzzy when compared to the screen out of my Quadro RTX5000.
So my only solution is to select “Viewport Monitoring” to off. This way the nodes from the schematic never get shown on my broadcast monitor… though this has never been a problem for me before. If I don’t do this I get burn in from the nodes and their titles. Problem is… you miss out on a lot of contextual views, so I actually manually turn the monitor on and off when I know I’m sitting in one mode for too long.

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Any updates on this @DanMargules? Ever figure this out?

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None what so ever. Frustrating. I think it’s the Decklink card, and debating to buy a replacement.
I have reached out to BlackMagic with no response. In fact, will start the process again.

@DanMargules This is very interesting. Please keep us informed on any progress. Thanks.

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Of course, I will.
Unfortunately, I just don’t seem to be making any (progress).

Just curious but what is your broadcast timing set at? I have had issues when its set at the wrong timing.

29.97p is the only way I can get it to broadcast out.