Flame resets centos 8 shortcuts


I updated recently to centos 8. With centos 7, I had my system workflow and gestures pretty refined. Kde looked old-ish and buggy, but it was highly configurable. I had three workspaces enabled, with some shortcuts assigned: To tab to other desktops with other apps running ( like dolphin windows, web browser…etc) or simply to show a clean desktop…etc, I used them and I was very comfortable. Something like workspaces of Macos.

Now in centos 8, I can’t find the way to replicate it. I configured some taskes , like workspaces, with gnome-tweaks. But I realized that flame disables system shorcuts when it launchs. It’s easy to see with the shorcut panel control windows opened when flame launchs. All of them jump to “disabled”.

I’d like to know if anyone knows how fix it. If not, How you guys deal with gnome to tab to other apps using workspaces?