Meta Key on Flame 2023 Centos 7.6 Lenovo P620

Hi Hive,
My Meta + wacom pen click key combo is not bringing up the contextual menu.
This is on a Lenovo P620 with Centos 7.6.
I’ve switched the KDE windows behaviors over to Meta, not Alt, but that didn’t fix this problem.
The pen button and right click on the mouse button both bring up the menu.
Has anyone out there solved this yet?

Thank you,

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I have been using Centos 7.6 for years and my knowledge of the KDE environment is woefully. I have not come across this problem in 7.6, sorry.

However we are switching to Centos 8.2 GNOME so I have been paying a lot more attention. There is a hotkey clash with GNOME and Flame using the left hand Windows or ⌘ key.
Change it to use the right hand Windows or ⌘ by using the Tweaks application.

I don’t know if this will directly help you but maybe there is some hotkey conflict ¯\(ツ)

Thank you for the reply. I will look into these options. I don’t have Tweaks.
I was running Centos 7.6, Flame 2021.1 on an HP 820 and did not have this problem.

Sounds to me like you’ve got it backwards. The operating system (in your case, Centos 7.6/KDE) has a bunch of hotkeys reserved for itself and is basically a selfish brat, keeping Flame from accessing them. So, the fact that you have meta+key click setup as your KDE Window Behavior settings means that Flame will never have access to the Meta key as a hotkey modifier.

It’s been forever since I’ve been on CentOS 7 but there should be a way to turn off all meta key modifiers on the OS level in KDE Window Behavior settings.

See how that goes for ya.