Change duration of a sequence (stills) should extend the lenght of the whole track as well


would like to change the still duration of one or multiple sequences (individually per sequence). By trimming the selected segment, the lenght of it’s neighbour segment is adjusted as well (and the lenght of the whole track remains the same). This makes in most cases totally sense.

But is there a way that the lenght of the whole track get’s adjusted as well if the lenght of one segment is changed?

Can the lenght of a segment be adjusted +1 / -1 (nummericall) as well?

Thank’s a lot!


If you are talking about the timeline then turn on Ripple

joe99 –

A segment’s length can be adjusted numerically!

(the below assumes one is using the Flame hotkey set)

ALT + E puts the timeline cursor in Trim mode. Click one end of a segment to display the red Trim handles. By typing “+” or “-” on the numeric keypad and then entering a value, that segment will be then trimmed. So you can easily select the segment’s end, type “+48” and you will have extended that segment by two seconds (at 24fps).

You can also select an end of a segment and use the “,” and “.” keys to bump the segment’s end by one frame at at time. Enter a value on the numeric keypad and then press “,” or “.” to trim the edit by values other than one. The shifted characters on the “,” and “.” keys are “<” and “>”, which I use as a mental shortcut to visualize the trim.

These commands also work when in Slip (ALT+S) and Slide (ALT+D) modes and are very useful!

Thank you! It does work:)

Thank you for the detailed feedback/help! It does work:)