Compress and stretch audio track


Is there a way to “compress” or stretch the length of an audio track (mp4) directly within Flame (of course only for a few percents :slight_smile: ?

Thank you!


It’s clear to me that in the most cases it’s easier to change the length of the video track :slight_smile:

There is an audio TW that appears with the FX tab when the audio tracks are selected. It also incorporates pitch correction. I have never used it. I am told the quality is questionable.

I’ve had good results with the audio TW. My only suggestion is to not go beyond +/- 3%.

Thank’s fot the help! Do you mean this?


strange… but I expected the audio track to become automatically longer (compared to the video track)
asap “Speed” is changed to 90%. But the track has to be timmed manually to the right side…

Am I doing something wrong or what’s the purpose of that “behaviour” ?

Hi Joe,

If you want the audio (or video) to stretch automatically with the speed change, you need to go to the left of the sequence and change the “Key frame Move Mode”.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 16.06.37

Normally it is set to SHIFT WITH MEDIA but you need to change it to REPOSITION PROPORTIONALLY.

Screenshot 2022-03-24 at 16.06.43

Once you’ve changed the setting, when you apply a timewarp and change the speed, the segment will automatically stretch or shorten.

I believe this is not on by default to prevent unnecessary rippling of the later segments in the sequence if you make this change in the middle of an edit.

Hope this helps.

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Thank’s very much to all of you for the help!