Changing batch schematic reel names

Looking for a way to change my default batch schematic reel names.

Schematic Reel 1 → Source Clips
Schematic Reel 2 → PreComps

etc etc.

Anyone know a way of doing this besides just renaming them every time I create a new batch?


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Paging @andymilkis…is your Python script public, the one that creates Batch Groups with predefined reel names?

It certainly can be :grinning:.

Let me take out the references to LVLY and I’ll put it up on the Portal.

Absolutely. Once I upload my python script that does this I’ll also post some instructions on how to modify it.

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OK, it’s on it’s way up to the portal now. Once installed, if you right click on the desktop in the Media Panel you will see a popup in CUSTOM: Desktop for Create New Batch Group.

If you open the script you can easily edit the name and number of schematic reels that are created:

To change the names and number of Schematic reels, just edit what is in line 39 “schem_reels”
To change the name of the batch group that is created change the name in quotes in line 44

And here’s a fun tip: You can assign hotkeys to any script. Just go to the hotkey editor and sort the list alphabetically. the Python scripts are under HOOK. I have Ctrl-Meta-Alt-B set for create new batch groups :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 9.00.29 PM

I’ve attached the script here, too. You just have to drop it in /opt/Autodesk/shared/python (1.7 KB)


And of course if you need a primer/refresher on the Logik Portal, here’s a post.


Amazing! Thank you so much Andy! (And Randy)


( R ) Andy