Clips lose Color Management settings on Restore

Completed a job last month. Archived and deleted the project. Client wants revisions so we restore the project. All media and media links came back fine, BUT the color management of the footage went back to TAG/UNKNOWN

Clips are supposed to be color conversion Rec709 with a Sony Slog LUT.

Why is this happening and how do I fix this?

Mac M2 Ultra Flame 2024.2.2


@AllenRobbins - It could be a number of different things, but is most likely tied to the color policy of the new flame project, the import rules preferences of the project (related to the color policy), and the user preferences.

You did not state whether or not the restore was a flame managed media archive or if you restored source media and then re-imported it.

There are a number of factors that could contribute to the situation that you are experiencing.

good point. We archive the project uncached and without renders or ML maps. The raw footage is part of our folder structure and travels with the archive. When we restore, the raw comes back with it in the same folder structure. No re-link / re-import.

Seems like restoring “should” keep the clip pre processing and format options.

If that’s your workflow then it’s a combination of the media_import prefs, the mediaImport prefs, the user import prefs and the color policy.

These files can change if you switch platforms, operating system, application version and I think user as well.

The way that you can create more predictable behavior is to open a project in a known color policy.

Open the MediaHub as if you were importing files.

Explicitly modify the parameters for each format.

e,g. you can change the color processing for ARRIRAW (not possible for SonyRAW)

Harvest those files and back them up.

Inject these files into every new project.

Then you’re going to want to look in the color policy preferences at the input rules.

Wasn’t there a bug specifically with Sony slog tagged clips in the last couple of releases??