CM Gap FX Weirdness ... or not?

So I have a GapFX with CM on it but whatever I set it as, it always says rec709 when I option-click to get the info. On desktop, it says the correct thing, it looks like it’s doing the right colour management option but it always says rec709. Even if I hard commit it still says rec709.

Project colour settings are sRGB.

This is my all-time favourite Flame game to play: “FEATURE OR BUG?”

  • Bug?
  • Feature?

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I’m actually not sure of this situation as I’ve had a similar issue with the viewer caching some sort of gap effect exposure change underneath my CM gap. Sometimes I think it might be taking properties of your sequence gap colour space which might be defaulted to rec709 in an sRGB default colourspace.

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Is the segment located on the bottom track Rec.709?
What if you use on the CM FX Input Transform instead of Tag Only and set the Working Space to LogC?

@Slabrie hey sorry … just saw your reply. This project was done and archived already so I can’t check but I think the segment on the bottom was sRGB. Not sure about the other thing you ask … I’ll see if I can reproduce in another project.