Sequence Colour space

I would love to be able to force a sequence to be a certain colour space. The whole colour space being the first clip on the timeline is a tad vague for my liking - I would love to be able to define the sequences color space and it sticks! Or is there a way? at the moment I need to keep a layer on top that has a CM tag.

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Color management on gap fx?

Ah just reread the las sentence

Does “Set Sequence Gap Color Space” not do what you want? But if you have segments of mixed color spaces in a sequence you will still have to use a GapFX with CM to get the whole sequence to one color space on export.

it does - but a bit crazy to me. I just want to lock a sequence to a certain colour space. without having to do that. you might accidentally drop the wrong colour space clip on as the first clip and bang everything is wrong on export.

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Agree :100: … sequence should have a colour space in settings.


Rather than a layer you could just tag it in the export settings

I also think this would be a good idea

Since the export states that cm will be based on the first clip then it would be good to have the sequence set to the same colour space on the first clip dragged ontoi it. Even go further and have flame ask us if we want all the sequence settings based on the first clip we drag into the timeline. Ie res / framerate / aspect. Etc.

I feel a feature request coming on