Color Boost

Hola… is there an equivalent to Color Boost (Resolve) or Vibrance (Adobe) color adjustment in Flame?

I don’t know about that @milanesa

Until I googled it I was unaware of its existence. You could always do the saturation in a colour space that has good tone-mapping like ACES and then convert back. That would prevent ugly clipping :thinking:

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Not quite. Vibrance is more like a masked saturation where less saturated color get more saturated keeping more saturated ones more in place. I guess I can do with a Sat vs Sat curve adjustment, but adjusting one slider is more straight forward.
Time for my first GLSL shader… if someone doesn’t beat me to it.


Bring it on @milanesa

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How would it work? I was having a play but I don’t think I understand

There are several algorithms out there… I’m sure Resolve does it differently than Photoshop. I built one for Nuke once… Falk does something similar here:

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Sat vs Sat curve in MasterGrade node can do something like this (I think this curve was introduced in 2022.2 or 2022.1)


Ok here is an attempt to recreate a Vibrance adjustments in a matchbox shader. Vibrance or Color Boost algorithms are sort of an obscure thing on the internet. This is a mix of a couple of methods I found. (6.8 KB)

Still not quite happy with it, but I saw some good results that could be useful to someone.
You can bring the Vectorscope to check what is doing in comparison to straight Saturation.
I have included adjustments to protect skin tones (as Photoshop does) but would like to refine how is limiting the hues.

I know this can be achieved by other methods with current tools, but was looking for some quick adjustment method.

IF YOU USE THIS IN PRODUCTION YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. Bear in mind this is my first matchbox.


It is always cool to see someone both his first Matchbox!


bbc two it's my first day GIF by BBC

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