Colour Management - ProVideoCoalition

I have been watching this video series on Colour Management.

Although this series is aimed at After Effects users, the core principles of color management are universal. I loved the deep dive into the history at the start and an explanation into the strange shape you get from the CIE 1931 diagram. I had never heard of the Scottish genius James Clerk Maxwell.


It is an extensive series with 14 episodes.

Part 1: The honeymoon is over

Part 2: Newton’s Prisms

Part 3: It’s all in the brain

Part 4: Maxwell’s spinning discs

Part 5: Introducing CIE 1931

Part 6: Understanding the CIE 1931 chromaticity diagram

Part 7: Introducing gamma

Part 8: Introducing Colorspaces

Part 9: The theory of a color managed workflow

Part 10: Using After Effects built-in color management

Part 11: Introducing OpenColor IO

Part 12: Introducing ACES

Part 13: OpenColorIO and After Effects

Part 14: Combining OCIO and After Effects


Oh my goodness. I just spent the week deep diving into this series as I had to wrangle a bunch of freelancers working in ae in acescg. Was a complete cluster, but finally got there. What ended up working was a hybrid approach (native and ocio ) that involved having to trick ae into believing it was still working in cg when rendering out rec709 approvals. Also a joyous hunt for random effects that clipped levels down to 100 nits. Never again.

(Specifically this method: Color Management Part 14: Combining OCIO and After Effects by Chris Zwar - ProVideo Coalition )