Connected Conform Timeline FX sync

Hi Hive,
Big fan of connected conforms and thanks to Kyle for the great walkthroughs. However, let’s say I add a timeline FX, a temporary cc for example, I can right click and sync just that effect. Great!

Let’s say I now want to remove it across all my edits. How can I remove it and sync just that removal across all my edits? I don’t want to do a blanket sync segment since every edit (social versions mainly) has different repos etc. I almost want a ‘delete all instances’ option on the right click menu. Is there a work around for this? Or maybe it’s a feature request?
Many thanks in advance.

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Hey there Ian!

Thanks for the kind words.

Great question, and I don’t have the best answer in the world for you, but I do have an answer that should do the trick.

I’ve been in this scenario before, and it’s as simple as just syncing an “empty” / reset version of that same node. Sync a zeroed out version of that node and it’s the same as turning it off on all of its connected counterparts.

That’s my recommendation and that’s what I’ve done in the past. I don’t know of a way to sync the on/off status of a Timeline FX node, so this is a close second to doing that.

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The only thing I can think of at the moment and until I get back on the box would be to reset the cc and sync again.


Lol, I probably shouldn’t have used the color correct as an example since I was actually using a flip node which can not be zeroed out.

But as I feared, there isn’t really a sync option for turning off/deleting.

Thanks guys!

Ahhh! Flip node! Yeah, sadly I think you’re stuck in that particular case. I do enjoy me a good flip node, but I have to say, I’ve never been in that situation where I’ve had to sync turning off a flip. Normally when I’ve flipped something, I’ve flipped it for good! I think you’re stuck just going manual on this one I’m sorry to say.

We could ask the devs to make the “on/off” status of a node included in what gets synced, which could have some merit and use, but I’m not sure if this is an easy fix or a complicated fix, and I’m not sure if it has other implications.

For future reference, and this could be potentially overkill, but if you know going into it that you might need to sync something like this down the road, I’ve had some success using a Front Matte Offset Matchbox with the Image node to transform an image, which you can use to flip an image any which way. And of course, this can easily be turned on / off and Synced to wherever it’s connected, considering you aren’t already using an image node. Obviously that’s quite a few more steps than a simple Flip node, but that’s my two cents!

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Ahh that’s a good idea! It really isn’t a big deal but I figured I would ask since it’s crossed my mind before. We are actually having to flip in comp since there’s some wording etc that need to be flipped back, which is why the timeline fix is a temporary flip.

I must admit, connected conform and open .clips, I feel so powerful! :joy:

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That makes a lot of sense.

And Yes! You are powerful with these awesome workflows! Admittedly I’ve only used open .clips with gfx renders. I haven’t quite made the leap in my own pipeline for using comps and open .clips, but baby steps :slight_smile:

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I love connected conform with audio too!! Wanna change the mix, great I only need to swap it on one master! :joy: But yes, gfx and titles, all great to have connected one way or another.

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Hi Ian,

if you are on Flame2023, you could add a python hook to do this.

def get_timeline_custom_ui_actions():
    def scope_connected_fx(selection):
        import flame
        fx = flame.timeline.current_effect
        if isinstance(fx, (flame.PyTimelineFX)):
            for item in selection:
                if isinstance(item, (flame.PySegment)):
                    if len(item.connected_segments()) > 1:
                        return True
        return False
    def remove_connected_fx(selection):
        import flame
        fx_type = flame.timeline.current_effect.type
        for item in selection:
            if isinstance(item, (flame.PySegment)):
                segs = item.connected_segments()
                for connected_seg in segs:
                    for connected_fx in connected_seg.effects:
                        if fx_type == connected_fx.type:
    return [
            "name": "PYTHON: CONNECTED SEGMENTS",
            "actions": [
                    "name": "Delete TimelineFX",
                    "isVisible": scope_connected_fx,
                    "execute": remove_connected_fx,
                    "minimumVersion": "2023"

Wow that’s awesome! I’m not on 2023 yet (we literally just upgraded to 2022 the other week) but I’ll be sure to pass it on to have it tested and installed!

Thank you!

Can’t you throw it away in the shots sequence and have it ripple through?

Could you switch to doing the flip in a transform where you can reset? Doesn’t answer the original question, but Logik loves a workaround!

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