Connected Segments Gotcha

Haven’t seen this one before. I’ve locked a sequence which has connected clips on it. I’m rendering out new versions of those clips in another spot. Even though the initial spot is locked, it is still replacing the linked clips on that locked spot. Not nice.

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I would have been surprised if it didn’t.

Seems like a nasty bug with how much i use connected segments

Locks are temporary, since they can be turned off, changes made, then turned on again. If they broke the connection, that would be permanent and not recoverable which is contrary to the function of the lock. If you want something to be permanently locked, hard commit it.

i always hard commit the top layer. Never the renders. Locks should be locks.

I never use locks. What I do use frequently is Duplicate Connected Segments. In the case you describe, I would use Replace on Same Layer (not in front of the app, but I think that’s what its called) which breaks the connection without making additional segments above or below and it gives choices about which clips to break, so that I could, for instance break the connections of 2 out of 4 instances of connection, but still maintain the connection between the 2 remaining pairs. Plus I can do it for multiple selected segments simultaneously.

Thanks @Hengy for opening the General Improvement foe this: Welcome to our Feedback Community

We will have a look.

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yes my experience too, locks dont work anymore like they did, these days i save a copy of the sequence in my library and then replace all. my shots in the live sequence and copy and paste that l;ayer back into my edit. an extra step for sure but one that makes sure nothing is overwritten if its in the library not the active desktop

They work for some things.

They stop media from being unlinked if you need to replace fooatge but keep a track of the ungraded conform, for example.

They also stop your openClips from versioning up if you wanted to keep a track of versions for example