Duplicate Connected Segment > Open Sequences

In 2020.3 this does not work between reels in the same reel group. Does it in a future release? I’m doing some RnD and don’t want to send myself down a rabbit hole.

It only works in same sequences reel in 2021.1.1 But the scopes of All sequences Reels, and All Reels in Reel Group does work across reels. Probably not helpful for you, just reporting.

Yes. In the later releases you can select just the current reel, the whole reel group, etc.

I can make all those selections now. They just don’t all work as expected. Duplicating only in open sequences only seems to work if the sequences are in the same reel.

I’m gonna throw this one to the master. @Jeff ?

Ha! I hardly feel like a master, but I’ve spent some time with some of these things.

Admittedly I’ve never actually used Duplicate Connected Segment with Open Sequences, but I just poked around a bit and I think I understand what’s going on. I’m on Flame 2021.2.1. And the short answer to your question, Tim is no I don’t see what you’re asking for in this release.

Here’s my long answer:

To slightly mirror what Miles mentioned, when you have multiple open sequences across multiple reels, the inherent Flame behavior to note is that you can only see the open sequences for the selected Reel within the Reel Group. It looks like the Scope: Open Sequences also only “looks at” the currently selected Reel’s Open Sequences.

Unless you have some serious reel organization, the clear solution is instead of opening your sequences to designate them as the sequence you would like to Duplicate Connected Segment, I would select them and move them into their own reel. Duplicate Connected Segment → Current Reel, and then put them back into their respective Reel(s). Again, this depends on how much organization you have in your reels, but this is how I achieve what I assume you are trying to achieve.

If you created a feature request to ask them to modify the behavior of Duplicate Connected Segment → Open Sequences to include open sequences in other Reels in the Reel Group, I would upvote it. Hopefully there aren’t any unforeseen back-end code issues with this one, because I sure do wonder if it has something to do with the fact that you can only “see” open sequences for the reel you have selected.

But from what I can tell, the Open Sequences scope is the only one that might not technically be true to its name. A more accurate description of it would probably be Open Sequences in Currently Selected Reel but that’s a little long for the little dialogue box it’s in.

Suggestion made: FI-02554. Vote it up!

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The whole concept of moving things to a reel then moving them back gets way too complicated and dangerous. I have made an improvement suggestion.