Credentials? New Rocky issues

So here’s some new bullshit on Rocky. I try to open some projects that I have unarchived from 2022.1 and when I try to open them I’m told that my credentials don’t match. Others open fine. What new annoyance is this? How do I fix it? 2023.3 @fredwarren.

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I’d open a support case. I’ve never seen that and not sure what error message you are seeing and where. @fredwarren is a developer, not a support guru.

I thought it was a new development.

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Here’s a screen shot. Anyone seen this before?

There are a few ways to rectify this older issue. My magic google fingers tells me this is likely where you need to go. You could also check your credentials for the project and the umask.cfg followed by a support ticket.

Seems like a filesystem level issue as mentioned. Seems like your user id (42) and group id (119) is the same in both, so it must be a umask mismatch, which should be easy to fix. You probably had write permission on the group level in the old project, but not the new project.

This is where Tim proclaims “I have no idea how to even make it wrong in the first place let alone how to change it now.”

Totally fair. Not in front of my system to look deeper, was trying to decode error msg for now.

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This has a few more details and some instructions:

I’d start with changing umask.cfg to 000 (assuming that’s not what it is at the moment)

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Thanks. I’ll take a look at some of these things tomorrow. To make it all the more confusing, I showed my engineer that I couldn’t open it, then I said, "and here’s another that won’t open . . . " and it opened right up. The I went back to the first one and that opened right up. Then I mucked around some more and it stopped opening. All without changing anything.

Looks like I spaced out and used the wrong command line to start flame. I used . . ./bin/flame instead of . . . /bin/startApplication. Once it was in my command line history I just kept using it. Thanks for the link @allklier


why not use the launcher icons?

Because I don’t know how.