Still Can’t Access Downloads on Support Portal

Week 3 and still can’t access my downloads on my account. So infuriating. @will.harris @YannLaforest any help on a direction you might have? Thanks to @randy for help me get downloads and @ManChicken and @motoronlysync . Being told it isn’t an M&E issue, but the dept that is handling it is saying it is a known issue with no known ETA for a fix. Great. Take my money but don’t provide the services I am paying a premium for. Feels nice. The new way of business it seems. Sorry, a little angry.

Anyone else experiencing this? I believe they got @ManChicken’ s account working. Maybe it is because my last name is at the end of the alphabet…?


Dang that’s brutal. Most of us had everything back to normal… Must be some internal licensing groups that made things more complicated for some accounts. Must have been something pretty catastrophic at autodesk that borked such a big resource for so many people.

At least the community cobbled together all the installers whilst the dust settled.

Sorry Marc. That stinks.

@marcwellington, @randy

We are mixing up two issues here.

The issue related to the Updates & Add Ons section of the portal not being accessible was addressed last week.

@marcwellington complains about products not being available in his account (marc, please correct me if I am wrong).

As said, the Flame team has no control over the situation. What we can do, in the meantime, is to provide you with download links until the problem is resolved.


There are indeed 2 issues. However, it is all the same to me in terms of service. But let me clarify. I had a case that was related to the Updates and Add Ons not being accessible. The was apparently Autodesk wide. This was told to be to be fixed and my case was closed. However, it still does not work for me! I get the same result when logging in. I can download the main 1st releases 2022, 2021, 2020. But no current versions (updates). It is still broken, so why was my case closed without anyone checking with me to make sure all was working! Because it was down for so long, and the last response was we don’t have an ETA on the fix, I asked for a month extension to my contract as that is only fair since I can’t access a service I obviously pay a premium for. That is when the other issue of legacy contract and subscription BS was interjected. I have a deal in process with Autodesk sales for that to take place in April, as Autodesk won’t accept prepay, and to accommodate the Lustre issue in the trade, it is a custom deal. This is yet another mountain we had to overcome, and was force to be the squeaky wheel to get it taken care of. I give many thanks to Will and Holly for helping with that issue.

The Flame team is the support we have access to and pay for. We have always been provided the software and help from the Flame M&E team. So, all of us go to you and the M&E (Flame) team for help. If you can’t help, and it effects what you are supporting, I’d assume you would know who to pull to get help as you are all apart of Autodesk. We the user don’t have a company directly that allows us access to anyone or who’s who to get help. So, when the Flame team or anyone else at Autodesk says that is not in our department, it should be followed by here is someone who might be able to help and how to contact them. There is another element here. There is only 1 support person who I can seem to get in touch with now that Marta has moved on to another area on our side of the pond. So, yes Beau did indeed get things downloaded onto my machine and that is much appreciated. To get to Beau, after a week of waiting for support to assign the case for the 2022.2 install issue, I had to find his direct email and plead with him for help. He worked me in and I am grateful! I have paid into Autodesk at a premium for years and receive a top notch level of support in the beginning. The pricing has been the same for years, but now we have one expert in our hemisphere to help us. Now, honestly, if I go try to help support through the proper channels I get less response that from a $600/yr Adobe support. I hope it gets resolved, but that is a part of the higher price is the support.

After being backed into a corner, I had to turn on the squeaky wheel, and alas, I have someone that is making sure the access gets fixed or at least driving the bus down a street with no dead end. I am to check when I get to the office this morning if access has been restored. I got a call within minutes and assured this was going to be resolved. Again, I had to start yelling and causing a commotion in public to get it resolved. Utter nonsense at this level of product.

Thanks for explaining, @marcwellington

I apologize for the unfortunate situation and understand your frustration.

The reality is that the Flame development team has no control over the sales and support side of things.

Moreover, our presence on forums like Logik comes from our own initiative. Autodesk does not require employees working on development teams to participate in external forums. The reason we have a presence here is that we care about the Flame users and want them to succeed.

With all said, you cannot expect that someone from the Flame development team will follow up with sales and support for problems reported on discussion forums unless he - she mentioned it explicitly.

The Logik forum is likely a good place for venting but not for getting traction on such issues. You still must follow up with our technical support team, opening - reopening tickets, asking for problems to be escalated, etc.


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I do appreciate your response and that the team is monitoring these forums. However, having to vent on the forums to get help because I can’t get help from Support (software access, installer issues, etc.) through the portal is because of a broken process. What happened to the 8XX-XXX-Logik? Called, put in a ticket, and you got help. I still pay the same amount every year as I did then. Probably makes a difference to me as I am the one personally spending millions over the last 20+ years on the products and services. Even when it is was busy someone helped or knew where to point you. Not that way now unless we pull help through venting from you, Will, etc…the squeaky wheel process. Unfortunate. I know you don’t have control and appreciate you and your team and their contributions to our community and the software. The support area, however, has been left to dwindle from where I sit. That is import to us the user as well as development.

My issues become a big rant as I tried the support channels for over a week with no attention. And couldn’t even get a human until I escalated it myself. That is the first major problem there! I have since learned from others that I can pick other support things that flag the team as urgent and those subjects will get me a person. Just learning how to work the system is how we have to roll know.

This sounding board is great and the few Autodesk folks who care and monitor this is a great thing. But using the processes we have been piped into don’t work, that is a big issue and makes more work for those monitoring this sounding board.

FYI, I checked and still can’t get access to my paid software updates.

Thanks @YannLaforest. We totally hear you. It sounds like a messy situation for everyone and we so very much appreciate and respect you stopping by on your own time. As a community we’re striving to uphold that respect by going through the necessary support channels. That’s what we pay for and believe me, the last thing we want is to distract you and your dev teams from doing your thing. As a community I think we’ve done a pretty good job of respecting that. Of course, that’s just my cushy perspective so if you haven’t found that to be the case, my sincerest apologies! I’ll take responsibility for that and would be happy to figure out a better way.

It’s a scary time for smaller shops and independent artists right now. We know the support team is absolutely trying hard and being kind, but when the only support appointments available to me are from 10pm to 2:30am, that’s a scary place. And when we are in danger of not being able to keep our promises, we get desperate and leverage our network and the Logik platform to get what we need. We don’t take that lightly and sometimes a little bump or nudge across teams is incredibly helpful for us. So for that, we are always eternally grateful.



Hi @randy,

There is no apology required.

Again, I understand the situation, and I have no intention to convince the Flame community that the support model is flawless. There is always room for improvement.

My intervention was more about setting the right expectations. Software development and Technical support are different entities at Autodesk. Most of the Autodesk folks on Logik represent software development.

While we can acknowledge issues with the support system and provide users with limited assistance, we do not have any control over the Autodesk support system.

Your recourse for this is the official technical support channel.

That is said, be sure that the point is taken and will be shared with the different teams involved. It is the only thing we can do in that regard.



As of 10:16AM EST, we finally have our software access restored! Thanks again to @will.harris @YannLaforest @motoronlysync @randy @ManChicken, Holly, Alex, and all who assisted in pushing to get it resolved when I was stuck in the corporate bureaucracy pond and drowning. Many, many, thanks!


We are glad to hear that the situation is back to normal @marcwellington.

Again, we apologize for it.

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