Deleting project through terminal on Mac

Hey everyone.

I have a project on my flame that refuses to load, i think some stuff in it is corrupt and i just want to delete it. However, it crashed the flame every time I try to delete it through the terminal. I ran VIC and nothing. Anyone know how to delete the project through the terminal?


Hi @dinotsaousis,

We recommend deleting the projects from the application. Does something prevent you from deleting it from the application?

And can you explain what you did exactly to delete the project through the terminal?


Hi @YannLaforest.

I was deleting a project from the flame application and the flame crashed in the middle of it. Now I can’t load it without crashing. I have not attempted to delete the project from the terminal, but being that I can’t currently load the project even after running VIC, I figured that would be the next option.

Thanks for explaining, @dinotsaousis.

Does Flame launch now, or does it crash on startup?

If it launches, did you try to delete (again) the faulty project without loading it (from the project selection page)?

If so, does Flame still crash when deleting the project?

If Flame still crashes when attempting to delete the project, I recommend contacting our technical support team to get assistance.

Projects can be deleted outside of the application. Still, the process is cumbersome, and there is a risk of damaging your project database if you do not perform the proper operations. Getting assistance from our support team is likely the safest thing to do in this case.


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@YannLaforest Flame was running just the project was not loading or deleting. I ran VIC two more times and then it magically loaded. I was able to go into the project and delete all media and then it allowed me to delete the project itself. I cannot explain why this happened, just think it must have been some corrupted clip.

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