Different footage: wrong display size of imported mp4 in a sequence of still images

Hello forum

Added a mp4-clip to a seqence of still images (type diashow), but the display-size of the mp4 in Player is very small… looks rather like small thumbnails…
I remember that I was warned during the import of the mp4 to the Reel that the mp4 does not correspond with “image-properties” of the selected Reel(can’t remember the exact formulation). But did not make any changes at this point in time…

Can I still made the required “adjustments” after the import of the mp4 the the Reel? Anything else I should consider?

Thank you for your help!


Settings and footage:

  • Flame 2021.2 Project settings: (23.976) and 1920x1080
  • MP4-footage: 3D Tracking with Camera Analysis - P1 - Introduction - Flame 2022-UstyAvY9Fqw ( 1152 x 720 / 30fps )
  • my footage: single pictures 3072 x 2048 @ 8bit / 24fps