DJI Inspire 3

Has anybody shot with the DJI Inspire 3 yet? Any Low light or match moving experience?

We did some shots not long ago… right @finnjaeger ?

While on the subject, I just got some footage from a DJI camera in log. What lut / transform should I use? I applied the Alexa one and it looked ok but just wanted to ask what others do?

some official luts for Rec709

Paul Dore’s DCTL

Hi John

This thread might be useful for you:

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Hi Randy

Yeah I have done quite a bit now. Everything seems fine with it. Is there anything you specifically want to know? I have some night time footage shot over a festival, 8k with Inspire 3. I can share a clip with you if you want to test anything.

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Yea we had some graded footage to do cleanup on a few weeks back. Resolution is obviously pretty crazy. but otherwise its just a regular camera.

like any raw format - in proresRaw its a bit more difficult to work with as doing a proresRaw->ACES conversion can pretty much only be done with scratch and then you cant go back to dlog easily, so it needs to be discussed with color etc of how to treat this.

but yea havent done any lowlight test soecifically but i dont assume itll be worse or better than X camera

Omg!!! It’s exactly what I’m looking for! I’m looking for a night exterior. Can you post something?

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