DKU Install on Linux Rocky

There’s absolutely no name calling on Logik. Not cool.

Dude, do I really have to ban you again? I’ve lost track of how many times it is. I’m feeling generous, so this is your rev7 final final warning. Again. Cut it out.


@tabithatails if you found a solution, please share. If you’d like some help, let me know, and I’ll help you however, I can. If you’d like to pay someone to help you, I can connect you with a professional as well. message me privately and maybe we can catch up on a zoom later this week or next.

All right, this time I will be professional in my response. First, you have not banned me, here or on Facebook. I am not even on Facebook.

Second, what kind of socially challenged ostensible professional takes the time to post about me being “beyond my skill level” without actually offering a clear, well written, concise solution? Who takes the time out of their day to do this? Let’s be honest, say what you will, this is an insecure person looking to put others down who are trying to learn and are just starting out so that he feels better about himself. I am sick of these types crawling over internet forums with apparently nothing better to do, and I will defend myself again them every time. Or maybe he’s socially immature. Perhaps you should look into banning him also?

Third, I have not bounced around multiple forums ignoring multiple solutions. I have posted one two forums, one of my own and this one. Scroll up and see that no one has provided any answer in this forum; no wonder I express frustration when all I get are Alan Lutteri (whoever that is) trolling.

This will be my last reponse.

You can also refer to this section of the forum:

or this YouTube channel:

and you are right. there is probably not a single person in this circle of Flame that hasn’t wanted to strangle me at some point.

Tiddly Da.