Editing Object / Geometry booleans?

What are you guys and gals doing with regard to editing basic geometry in Flame?
Can we cut a cube out of a sphere for example…?
This seems like not too much to ask… or maybe I missed something…
OR are you diving into Maya to do these simple things?

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Sorry. No go there. You have to go to a 3D app for that…

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Thought so, would love to have some BASIC editing of Geo though (like booleans) so that we don’y have to jump to another package.
Will see if theres already a request for this.

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Be good to have a generalised GeoEditor in Action that allowed the “inmixing/geo-comping” of text, 3dShape, particles and all imported geometries along a similar basis to flat imported layers? Once anything is inside and so then “belongs” to Action, it should thus occupy a generalised space and so be able to intersect, Boolean subtract, etc? At the moment all of these are in a kind of 2.5D space, editorially speaking, but if the editorial aspect matched the layout aspect then objects could cut into each other no matter what their import or creation origin. Everything in Action, once in, no matter what its origin should, once in that space, be Boole-longing together?


PS. On my way to work I pass by a few of George Boole’s olde hangouts. I’m totally bad at mathematics myself, being an arts/humanities type, but working in the city where that Boole guy cut his Boolean teeth makes me think of my experiences LightWave and its Modeller boolean toolset that I did not know came from this proper-name. Anyhows maybe Action needs a mini-modeller super-node and mini-Boolean editor that does not discriminate on origin, whether 2d or 3d (ie a flat layer can be intersected/cut by a 3d geometry)?


I thought you could do this with 3d shape?

I believe 3D Shape is just for extruded gmask splines…
You can’t cut 3d text node from a sphere geometry for example…

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Bugger, bugger, bugger - I was just trying to make a zoetrope today in flame and I can’t do it for this reason.

I added a request for boolean geometries to FI-01069

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That’s a very valid point, Maya booleans really is a gamble and sometimes the odds are very bad.