Enabling kernel extensions on startup for Teradici PCoIP bridge mode

Howdy hi,

I have a particular machine that, for some reason, when following the instructions here to enable Catalina/Big Sur kernel extensions to allow the Teradici PCoIP Software Client for Mac to bridge USB devices to the host but it doesn’t display the required dialog in the System Preferences / General to allow me to give permission, resulting in my inability to even see a USB Devices under the Connections drop down menu for this particular client.

I’ve tried the current pcoip software client for Mac version as well as the newer development version. I’ve got a few different machines to try this on and only one is behaving this way.

Any ideas?

Is this an M1 mac by any chance? if so, you have to take an extra step and boot into recovery mode. I had to do this when setting up an M1 to interface with an ultrastudio. I don’t remember the exact instructions but they are explained here:

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Sadly no. I’ve got 2 intel Mac pros, both Big Sur, one I can enable the extension, one I can’t.