Ex Smoke Ops - F3 collapsed view delete clips

I dont use the reels view for my masters. I prefer to look at them in the old smoke record area so I can see a big screen view of my edit. Source area for masters just seems wrong. I have discovered by chance (not paying attention in beta class again) that if you hit F3 for collapsed view you can right click delete a master.

I have found this pretty handy since the reels view on desktop, the desktop view of the at the side and the record area can and usually does have the clips in different orders. This has been a source of frustration for me since 2013 and AE. I’m sure @fredwarren will remember. Thank you for the delete option. A useful compromise.

Are you using smoke hotkeys? If so then the first thing I do when I install a new version is to change the DELETE keyboard key to delete. (I moved undo and redo to industry standard command-z / command-shift-z) In fact I have shift-D and the Delete key having the ability to delete clips/nodes etc.

Using hot keys for smoke yes:

Doesn’t the delete with hot key of a master in the record area/timeline view collapsed just close the timeline?

The odd time ctrl z bothers me jumping from other apps EXCEPT with smoke keys ctrl z & x jump between key frames which I find infinitely more useful.