Exr multi channel embedded channels out of sync 2024.2.1

I am importing multi channel exr into flame and when I used the embedded extra channels mattes they appear out of sync with the beauty pass. But when I bring them into nuke they are perfect. Any ideas other than just working in. Nuke

Adding to this if I bring in a single frame the mattes all work fine but if I bring in the sequence they look out of sync?

I think mayyyybe I ran across something simliar…

It was a nuke render that had disjointed TC. If I did ViewMetadata in Nuke, I could see the TC was not a continuous count, it jumped all around. It was like they had rendered evens with one TC, and odds with a totally different TC.

Flame was forgiving about it and just took the first frame’s TC and counted up from there, it disregarded the actual TC metadata on the frame.

So might be worth a 3x check.