Firewall recommendations- Mac Based

Hi Gang,

Quick question for all of thee, I am looking for your advice and recommendations on firewalls that you may be using. Effectively I want a simple GUI to manage all internet connections coming in and out of my system.

As the great Grant Kay would say, “comments, feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.”


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Lulu is free. Paid options I have also used are Little Snitch and Hands Off.

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I shall look into it, I’ve come across and read into Little Snitch a wee bit, so I’ll have another re-consider. Thanks kindly

For macOS, LittleSnitch is great, but it monitors outgoing connections. Think of it catching Photoshop on your Mac that wants to phone home to Adobe or a news website that wants to connect to an ad delivery network.

If you want to monitor incoming connections you should look at something like Wireshark.

The above said, there is great reading on these two sites:

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