Dual monitor and Wacom mapping and monitor settings

I’ve added a second monitor as a broadcast monitor, however, I’m now only able to use half of my wacom.
It’s set to primary monitor in preferences, but it makes no difference.
Any suggestions?

Does your OS also see the Monitor as 2nd screen?
If yes you might need to map the tablet, in your system, to only the primary one, too

I’ve tried remapping it in flame, but it makes no difference.
I can’t find any tablet preferences in linux

On linux it is hidden in the main devices settings. Wacom tablet → Tablet → Map to Monitor → Single Monitor

still can’t find it

Hmm, at this point I’m not sure if there was a special driver for it, which we got installed.
Have it here on both, Rocky and CentOS.

You can edit the xorg to tweak the Wacom. To need to read about it online to figure out the structure and variables you want to edit, but it’s the catch all way of editing Wacom settings Linux doesn’t have a gui for.

I am running Rocky 8.5 Flame 2023. The wacom settings are inside the devices button in the settings panel

I now have another weird issue.
After rebooting my box, the main monitor, an Eizo CG 303W will not run at 60hz, it’s a 2560 monitor, but has never worked at the right refresh rate, but has always run at 1920x1200 @60Hz, but it is now defaulting to auto / 30Hz.
I’m having to run it at 1680x105, which isn’t ideal.
Any suggestions?

If you are new to Linux and dual monitors, it’s common for a dual setup to get confused or mix up primary / secondary monitors.

It’s been forever since I’ve run duals on a Linux box but type nvidia-settings in a terminal and force the monitors to be what you want. Also, if memory serves me right, launching that command from a root terminal means you can save that config to your xorg.conf with should mean you won’t have to mess with it each time you reboot.

Hi Randy, yes new to dual monitors.
It’s not something we do here as a rule, but we have a whole bunch of clients coming in tomorrow and its been decided it would be a happier viewing experience for them to look at a different monitor to the one I’m using.
The odd thing is that I have tried tweaking the display settings, but with the second monitor attached, my monitor does not give the option of anything other than 30Hz.
In the interim, I have swapped out my monitor for a 1920x1200 one, which works fine.
My system is being rebuilt on Friday, so hopefully all these little issues and niggles will get sorted out then.

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Possible older DisplayPort cable?

TBH, It’s a bunch of things, but yes, I think I need a dual DVI to DP cable.