Flame weirdness

I’ve tagged this under hardware, as I can’t think that it can be anything else.
I have 2 weird bugs that have persisted on several versions of Flame, (currently on 2023.3)
They are:
1/ When creating a gmask tracer in batch, the result is black, but if I copy it and paste inside a MK node, it gives a white out of black matte, conversely, If I copy that and paste it back into my batch, it remains white out of black.
2/ In action, If I try to swipe down to the priority editor, it takes several swipes before it works.
I have never seen these on any other Flame, we have a flame on an an old HP box and that doesn’t exhibit either of these issues.
The box in question is a dell precision 7920, the OS is centos 7.6, which has been reinstalled a couple of times, flame has been re-installed several times, the tablet / pen has been changed numerous times, but these oddities remain.
Anyone got any ideas on this?

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Hello Paul, this sounds like an Outputs/ Output Selections issue in your gmask tracer. Think I ocassionally had a similar issue, but im on 2024 now seems ok. From memory I think by turning outputs on and off,… fiddling, and back to defaults the mattes show up. I also wondered if it was connected to cache or vram.

Hi Marios, nope, not that, everything lines up with the tracer pasted from the MK, apart from the MK tracer has a correlation box under blending, also, as I said, this behaviour persists project to project, user to user, after OS and flame version re-installs, hence my thought it’s related to the box itself.

I find that wherever I copy/paste or duplicate a gmask, it always defaults to matte output in the tracer. But outside the MK in batch it ocassionally got stuck with black or white. No more in 2024

Hey Paul,
When you create the gmask is there a blue connexion link to the camera ?
Sometimes creating gmask with shortcut might connect the mask to the camera resulting in black output

This is just the gmask tracer node on its own, not through Action.

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