Fonts, Flame


I did some titles using Flame on a Mac, now I copied those fonts to a Linux machine but the fonts do not copy properly. I mean the fonts show 0 kb when copied to linux. Is there a special way of dealing with fonts in Linux?

I am not an expert on loading fonts into Linux but i just load the fonts from off the server when I am using Flame on Linux.

Nothing special required

Did you copy them with an ftp client?

No, just a regular USB drive

Hmm. Permissions?

It has to do with specific font files. I thought Linux supported the same formats (in this case fonts) but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Found the same font in the format that Linux likes though :grin:

Always compress fonts before of any copy. Specially by network, mail, cloud, whatever ). Compress in origin–》copy–》uncompress on destination

Thanks Lili. Yes I did exactly that. I think it is the kind of font that LinuxFlame just doesn’t like. Every other font works fine.

I have had trouble with fonts with the .ps extension. I recall that changing it to .font fixed the issue. I don’t recall, however, that the sizes were 0kb. Before changing them to .font, I could only see them if I selected “Show Hidden Files.”