Generative design and code

Looking into generative art/code I came across this great book list by Frederik Vanhoutte, a Belgian coder / designer / physics Ph.D. working as a medical radiation expert. Also check out his personal webpage.


Thanks Sinan!

Looove this. Def going to look into these.
I had a brief flirtation with after I saw what some of the big guys where doing with it (Psyop I think?) - and been playing with touchdesigner quite a bit on the side.

I have known about processing since they were in beta. And touchdesigner is definitely alluring with its node based approach.
I wish it was easier to implemt this kind of things in Flame.

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Definitely. But on the same front, I don’t think that they would be able to keep up with the innovation required in the medium. More Linux based tools would be great though, to run alongside - especially since AD seems to be moving to more modern distros.

Am actually busy with a deep dive into procedural techniques for some concept design I’m doing - far future extrapolation of (imaginary) hybrid materials. Exotic alloys and such.
Future supposition of 3D printing on steroids if you will. This list is quite timely!

Nice. What’s your choice of software on that front? Autodesk had some great 3D modelling tools (that were discontinued) for 3D printing and cutouts 123D suite, if memory serves me right.

A bunch of stuff. Playing with the generative design functions in Fusion 360 - and then a lot of Houdini, Substance Designer, Touchdesigner - (especially for the wood based alloy experimentation. There’s also “nanotech” component to the concept)

And then anything and everything at this stage. Have started but still very much in process development - so experimenting with tools. It’s an internal project so no set timescale. You could almost call it a project to stress test generative design techniques, but with a definite conceptual outcome.

Regarding actual fabrication - we are looking into industrial 3D printing processes, but that’s waaay down the line.

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Considering how similar vex is to processing there’s a natural synergy I would imagine. Add the SOP solver and you have pretty much everything you need at least for creating geo.

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