HDMISpark for Linux

Hi all.
Here is a quick and dirty Linux version v001 of @Lewis Saunders HDMISpark for live video from Blackmagic Decklink devices (cheap Decklink SDI Micro M2 working ok).
Source and compiled binary there.

For compilation need to install / use devtoolset-7 (gcc/g++/clang/llvm) because of broken cvtss_sh in gcc 4.8.5

For testing purposes 25fps mode changed to 50i. Later there should be manual BMDmode selector and input mode indicator.


Nice!! I haven’t been around a linux flame with a BMD card long enough to do this, looks like it was mostly a matter of include paths?

Using 50i is probably a good shout, I think there’s a lot of SDI out there which is PsF rather than true progressive :+1:

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it was some changes/additions in includes, adding BMD include path and main hassle was struggle with broken cvtss_sh inlines
next task - using autodetection feature in DeckLink, and maybe using continous update to get live stream without play button pressed

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Hey guys,

I’ve used this in the past quite successfully to line up things during a shoot. I was wondering, since sparks are no more, if there’s an OFX equivalent for this?


wait what this existed? Live input?

I would absolutelt love this

Too late now. It used to be a spark.

need some time to convert it to OFX


I had no idea this existed. How cool! +1 for a an OFX version.

Yeah… Was really useful during shoot especially. Live keying, aligning things… etc… I’ve used it on my laptop with a BM mini recorder.

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looking at assimilate liveFX for that also, dont know if thats a option for doing stuff like that…