How to adjust monitor screen size (HiDPI)?

I configured dual monitors and broadcasting monitors with different resolutions and sizes in Linux as follows:
Broadcasting monitor (BMD) + 32-inch UHD monitor(GUI) + 27-inch QHD monitor

On a 32-inch monitor, text and icons are too small at UHD resolution.
So I changed the Font Scaling Factor from default “1” to “1.5” in Tweaks
The problem is that the 32-inch monitor has improved, but the 27-inch monitor has also increased in size, so the text and icons are large, resulting in a lot of screen waste.
Is there any way to apply only 32 inch monitor?

Gnome Tweaks will scale all monitors. Assuming you are using the adsk defaults and you’re using xorg: You’ll have to use xrandr to adjust the scaling for each monitor. I don’t think it is persistent between reboots so you may have to write a script to adjust it on login.