Hybrid working

Hi all.

I’m studying for a masters degree and writing a paper on hybrid working: that is working remote mixed with working in the office. Since the pandemic started it’s become necessary. However I wondered what kind of techniques you might be using to make it more like working in a room together?

Problems I see are:
feelings of isolation
Difficulty in explaining things
Difficulty getting people together to discuss issues and solutions

We use teams but it doesn’t feel optimum for our environment I feel.

Love to hear your thoughts and advice.

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I find the ability to jump on video calls and screen share to be wonderful for both isolation and knowledge sharing.

I’ve been at some shops where they keep the video chat feed live all day, which can be nice but also feel oppressive.

Based on the success of “suite 6” on the dischord chat, I strongly suggest having a self-deleting chat app. This whole storing chats in perpetuity is gross and definitely forces isolation, because nobody wants their dumb questions archived by the company.


Plus one for discord. Instant screen sharing and chat, seems like an obvious solution and much more casual than dailies.

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I’ve heard of companies that rebuild their offices with gather.town
If you don’t know that: It’s a proximity-video-chat where every user has it’s avatar in a gameboy-style world.

Everyone has their desks. And if there’re meeting they all come together.
There’s a bar, a game corner and everything you’d like to have.

I think that is a way to at least feel like everyone is onsite. You see where everyone is, if they are in a meeting or you can just come by with a question or a coffee :smiley:

Don’t know if there’s any screensharing possibilities but I like that concept :slight_smile:

To answer OT: We’re using Jitsi Meet with always-open-channels and screensharings. But it doesn’t compensate the spontaneous visitis with smalltalk and so on.