Kernel panic

I’m trying to install Flame on a Core i9 14900k machine and Asus z790-plus wifi motherboard

I tried installing rocky 8.7 and 9.3 from the official Autodesk website and dku 18 and 19. The installation occurs correctly, but when installing dku and restarting the machine, the system hangs when loading with the message “kernel panic - not syncing fatal exception”

Couldn’t resist!

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Welcome to the world of Linux installs.

One of the most common issues installing the DKU is with the NVidia driver. You can find another thread here where I just spent a few hours on that Mary Go Round.

My suggestion is - re-install 8.7. Then install the DKU with --nonvdriver to skip the NVidia driver and reboot that. That narrows down where the issue might be.

(ps: you still will have to install the NVidia driver before Flame can run, but it helps in debugging, and there are other methods of installing that driver before you proceed with Flame).

Also stick with 8.7. There are some issues with 9.3 and NVidia drivers that are not fully understood yet. It’s one less variable to worry about.

Which GPU are you using on that system? You didn’t specify.

Also, if you want to skip the re-install and just get to a shell prompt to debug further, interrupt the Grub screen, edit the kernel image line and add at the end, then continue the boot. That will skip initializing the NVidia driver on boot and get you back into the OS so you can debug further. Suggest you only go down that route if you’re comfortable around Linux OS admin details.