Keyboard language weirdness

Hi guys,

My keyboard in Linux (Centos 7) is all of a sudden typing acutes etc instead of apostrophes. It was fine last night… Itś done this before and it just kind of disappeared, but now itś back… Any ideas?


Same here. I can’t write can’t in gmail on the box either as I discovered this week when a producer told me I wrote I can when I meant to write I can’t (Groucho eat your heart out).

Sounds like the thing I get from time to time. No idea what’s causing it though. In my case at least you can make it work by typing space bar after the apostrophe.

Sounds like somehow you are using the US international keyboard.

Any idea how to change it back?

Oh gawd. It’s been years.

Centos 7.6. From memory, pardon the jankiness.

System Settings / Input Devices / Keyboards / Layouts / Smoke US and make sure it’s above any other layout. Should see “dlu” in the system tray.