Missing hotkeys

I’m training up a new guy on flame, however we have hit a few odd issues, missing hotkeys.
This is with a new project and a new user.
The alt key isn’t working on some hotkey combos, but works on others, eg, alt+F12, quits flame, but alt-click to hide a cc in action doesn’t, however the keyboard symbol bottom right shows up.
F5 doesn’t bring up the animation editor full screen, again, the keyboard symbol is showing bottom right.
Running 2022.3.1 on linux.
Any ideas?

Do any other users’ hotkeys work? If so I would copy over the entire /hotkey user folder to the new user.
If not, I would get someone to send you a zip of that folder, using that exact Flame version (I’m not on that version.)

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Yes, that’s the odd thing, so far it’s just these two with alt, and as I said new project, new folder, rebooted.

Not sure if you’re using Teradici PCoIP, but I’ve come across a few versions of the software where the alt key doesn’t work for certain hotkeys. Solution has been to roll forward or backward a version.

No, this is a direct connection to the box.

We regularly have issues with this. we have to reset the user settings, obviously change version and user depending on what you have

/opt/Autodesk/flame_2021.2.1/bin/res/customizeUser.py --customUser flame