KVM Swiches

Anyone have any thoughts on KVM switches? I’ve got a mac and a PC I’d like to jump between and retain the Keyboard, Mouse, Video and Wacom. (so KVMW switch I guess, haha)

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I’ve bought a couple over the years and the best advice I got was: buy one that works with the mac, because it will also work with the pc.

I ended up with this: StarTech.com 2 Port Dual DisplayPort USB KVM Switch with Audio & USB 2.0 Hub https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003N3BU6E/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_6gmCEDZoMDK8R

It drives 2 monitors and has enough USB ports for a tablet, and it seemed to work fine up until the point where I decommissioned my pc. Now it’s in my closet.

I’ll send it to you if you want…

If the Mac has TB3/Thunderbolt, some monitors like the Dell 3219q have built in KVMs. They switch between a USB3 and an HDMI or DisplayPort source, but not between an hdmi and DisplayPort source.

Might be helpful.

I use my monitor to switch the inputs, then a USB switch to flip the wacom, mouse and keyboard for 3 computers.
Im using a Sabrent switch, its just what i found on amazon that could do more than 2 computers with 4 periphierials. MUCH cheaper than a video switch etc