Logik Portal on Flame Assist not connecting to FTP

Hello Hive,

I’m actually having two issues but perhaps one could fix the other?

Our system engineer has tried installing Logik Portal v5.6 on Flame on Mac 2023.3 - Big Sur Mac Pro multipletimes and it doesn’t seem to ever connect to the portal ftp to download and install other python scripts. It connects to the FTP and has no issues on the CentOS Flame 2023.3 systems. In the console on the mac it says “LOGIK PORTAL: Connected to Logik Portal.”

So that leads me to my next question. We manually downloaded and installed the srt to xml script on the Mac system, when we try to convert to SRT it gives us a message in the Console “SRT TO XML: Config saved.” however it doesn’t generate the XML file, again this works fine on the CentOS systems.

If anyone has insight into this issue that can help it would be grealty appreciated as we make tons of open captions and this feature has been significant for us!

Thank you,

Hey Tyler

Can you share screen grabs of everything that’s showing up in the shell when you try to run either script?


Hello Mike,

I can’t find any sort of shell that runs for the mac like it does in the linux versions. Do you know of any way to get it to work similiarly? I attached a screen grab of the FTP v5.6

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On the mac you can get the flame shell like linux if you start flame/flare by going into /opt/Autodesk/FLAME VERSION/bin and double clicking startApplication to run Flame.


hi mike,

the engineer and i got the shell to launch with the mac flame assist. we were able to diagnose the problem as the flame_to_srt folder had a version number, e.g. flame_to_srt_v3.4. We deleted the version number on the directory and now its working!

thank you