SRT python script

Hello bright minds!

I’m having a brain fart trying to figure out where srt-to-xml python script in the new logik-portal v5.9.1. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Isn’t that because with the new SRT tools in Flame you don’t need an XML?

I took it down from the portal figuring it wasn’t really needed anymore with the new SRT tools in Flame. Happy to put it back up if you need it.

Hi Randy,

I’m on Flame 2024.1 and I dont see an option to create S+ track. Am I missing something?

I just added it back to the portal if you need it.

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Thank you!!!

You’re so close… :slight_smile:

Looks like Autodesk Flame 2024.2 includes subtitle support.

Ha! Will do the update, thank you!