Mac OS 4K Monitor Performance hit

I’m looking to buy the Eizo CG319x to run on a Mac Studio Ultra (maxed out) I’ve ordered but in doing some research I came across a potential issue wth the way Mac OS deals with monitors/scaling in a certain PPI ranges (article below) and could cause a performance hit on the Mac

I’m curious if by any chance someone is running the same config and could share their opinion or if there’s more knowledge out there?

It may be that the performance of a Mac Studio Ultra will not be too affected by this but looking back I remember trying to run a LG 4K on an old Mac Trash and had these symptoms of performance drag.


Thanks a lot for the link, Drew. Everyone looking to buy an external display for their mac should be aware of this. The content of this article is accurate and I can confirm that it holds true for Flame.

I too am looking at a monitor for my Mac Studio. I’m currently using an LG 4k and I don’t see any performance difference between scaled and native res modes set in the OS.

What makes you choose the Eizo over the XDR other than the price difference?

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Thanks @johnag. Glad to hear you’re not getting a performance hit.

Price was definitely a factor but my monitor calibration guy put me off for a couple of reasons…
• Viewing angle ins’t great
• Too much software management and no controls on the monitor - OS has all the control
• Not great if you want to potentially bounce between using it as a GUI and reference - he spent a lot of time calibrating one and then someone plugged it in as a GUI and it reset the calibration.

I’m starting to go off the idea entirely for now as using any monitor as a GUI (I believe) is slave to software control for calibration - in buying the Eizo I was hoping to eliminate the need for a reference monitor all together and just have a externally calibrated GUI.

I feel like it might be better to just get a nice panel like the LG Ultrafine 5K that plays well with Mac and wait it out for the next gen to arrive. If I need UHD I can get a LG OLED48C2 as a reference (with a LUT box) to fill the gap and probably still have some change left over!

If I’m wrong please step in and let me know. I’m learning my way through this side of things.

Thanks @PlaceYourBetts! This is swaying me more towards the LG Ultrafine 5K

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